ECR kingdom – chapter 1

Road starts from Chennai east coast towards south of Indian tip Kanyakumari is called as ECR means east coast road.. I love to travel on this road as I feel something close to my heart is there in this highway. There might a kingdom some centuries back and ruins of them are still there as hidden objects.

Without any further delay we are going to travel in my imaginary world..

One fine morning I was jogging on akkarai beach and glancing the to and fro pendulum waves.. instantaneously noticed a stone which was half submerged with sea sand and foamy ocean water. It looked very weird and shapeless with traces of algae. I couldn’t control my excitement “ what the hell is it” and why no one noticed till now. Many instant thoughts passed over my mind and finally I made myself to go and see what’s there in the stone.

Oh my goodness it should be some stone inscription which is in non readable format. I took a snap of it in my phone and then I continued my jogging. Something strike on my mind to find what is there in the inscription. My bike raced to home and learned that it is a vatteluttu.

Vatteluttu is a script followed during 6AD and needs translation to convert it into readable Tamil letters. Inscription says about a temple built by Pallavas and it’s devotion towards lord Vishnu. Much more details which needs to translated by a professional translator. This will be food for my brain for another 3 weeks.

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Went to Thirumazhisai Shivan temple on the way to Putlur Temple. The temple is very old and it is very deserted the time we went. I asked priest permission to take photos inside the temple and he dint allow. One stranger came to us and told me to take photos and explained about the temple history. I dint hear the history as I was busy in taking snaps. selected1selected6 selected2  selected4  selected3selected7

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Dual gardens Porur

Dual garden apartment, we moved to this apartment for easy commute to my new office. Third floor and east facing with two balconies every aspect of the house is fine but two things made us worry much.

DSC_0079 DSC_0095

No seasons for us as our floor is next to terrace and there is no weather coating. 24/7 we had to run A/C. This apartment can be called as Pigeons sanctuary as they are found more in numbers than the people live here. These pigeons use to shit on all the wheelers and produce strange sound and knock the windows/door like men.

I had a great experience on my first day to my new office and had to do water wash my bike. Only advantage from these pigeons are they have given nice pose for my clicks.

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